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Memphis-based musician Alec West (Another Green World) has been creating solo music since 2007. He is Influenced by 80s drea m pop, synthpop, and shoegaze. Another Green World hosts a warm tape-saturated sound with playful guitars, drum machines and synthesizers with distant and soft, dream-like vocals. Drawing inspiration from Brian Eno (yes that’s where the name comes from) as well as bands like Joy Division, The Cure and Slowdive, Another Green World harnesses the experimental components of 80s music with a refreshed and tailored vibe.



“When I started work on Memorial , I knew I wanted to get away from the lo-fi sound from my previous releases,” Alec West, aka Another Green World tells us. The Memphis musician, with the Brian Eno-evoking name, has certainly made good on that ambition on “Disguise”, the first single from the album. It’s a sprawling track of lugubrious dream-noise.  – Bullett Magazine

Alec West, also known under moniker Another Green World found himself “pulled in different directions between early 80′s synth pop and late 80′s shoe-gaze. Memorial is the result of a stream of conscious writing, both in music and lyrics.” The lead single “ Disguise ” encompasses what’s to come next from his upcoming LP, due out October 21st. – Substance Is Meaningless

We’ve posted and shared our fascination with Alec West’s new solo project Another Green World a few times in the past.  The style is sonically right up our alley with its dream like sounds and beautifully composed pop tendencies.  Today we’re happy to be premiering a new song from the project called “Snow”.  Once again we are finding many things to like here and I’m sure you guys will too. – Austin Town Hall

Given his musical moniker, it probably won’t surprise you that Alec West cites Brian Eno as an influence. But even if his name weren’t so revealing, you’d probably still be able to catch the Eno fever pulsing through West’s restless, kinetic instrumentation. Memorial is the Memphis musician’s fourth full-length album as Another Green World , and it sees him solidifying a washed-out, dream-pop sound he’s been tinkering with since ’07. – CMJ

Alec West pays homage to the legendary Brian Eno solo album under the moniker, Another Green World, while making music that attests to the rippling shockwaves from said modern LP marvel. Dealing in the DIY dream scheme sound game, West wowed us with the song “Snow” from the October 21 slated album, Memorial from 80s Ladies Records . Although based in Memphis, the hazy-glaze guitar to vocal relationship is remarkably resembling the west coast home brewed dream tapes zapped with spinning synth twist that are peppered for precision guided weirdness. Alec talked with us about inspirations, Memphis, and more, following the listen. – Impose Magazine

Given his alias, Memphis-based shoegaze synth-pop artist Another Green World (Alec West) is clearly – and rightly – quite taken with Brian Eno More prevalent in his sound are influences like Joy Division, The Cure, Slowdive, my bloody valentine , shoegaze, Cocteau Twins and dreampop. West has been creating music as a solo entity since 2007. His first release, Shapes , was finished in 2011 and is described by West as a collection of very artsy, synth-driven songs. A few months later, he released an album titled In Dreams and began to hone in on the lo-fi dream pop sound that would evolve into Another Green World . – Deadly Music

Another Green World, also known as Alec West, has just released a new single, which will make you feel like you’re in a dream. The main focus of this track is the pop inspired beats. Along with it, you will find some hints of a soft guitar playing and matching vocals. This track was produced so that the vocals sound distant. This technique perfectly compliments the sound that Another Green World was aiming for. The song as a whole can only be described as light in all aspects. It’s an easy listen. Despite that, the whimsically sounds of this track will have you coming back for more  song remains true to the pop sound and is still unique and intriguing. “Memorial” was released on 80s Ladies Records and is available for purchase on his Bandcamp website . – Noise Porn