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Grave Pool is the dreamy, Nashville-based solo project of former frontman and multi-instrumentalist, Devan Kochersperger. Echoing of shoegaze and dream pop artists like Estate, Wild Nothing and Slowdive, Kochersperger’s debut LP, Mnemonics, will be released February 17th on 80s Ladies Records.




“Nashville isn’t known for its effervescent dreamscapes (is it?), but Devan Kochersperger, the frontman of dream pop outfit Grave Pool , has crafted something special in second LP Mnemonics , somehow straddling the New Romantic past and the neo-glow future. The cover art is incongruous to the music contained within – a watercolour of a cabin at the foot of a snowswept mountain – and therein is the wonder – it’s a kaleidoscope of shimmering whimsy in a hyperreal twilight. The video for ‘Neon Summers’ features clips from The Lost Boys – and suits it. College and Electric Youth worked wonders on their Drive collaboration, and you feel that Grave Pool is next in line to find that new/old visual connection to strike major gold.” – Sonic Masala

“The nu gaze virago behind Grave Pool , Devin Kochersperger, hangs his hat in Nashville, but his single ‘ Through The Skylight ‘ incandesces like a late 80′s Manchester Movement mist o’er the moors. Since we’ve at long last established that Northern Soul can flourish in the South, (how would the Stone Roses fared fared in, say, Marseilles?) let’s applaud Grave Pool for setting about his work with dream pop panache. His shimmering, nearly indecipherable lyrics lend this reflective, melodic moment in music an agreeable nu gaze wash. With the right earphones, is the sort of listening experience that will transform your most harrowing and malodorous of public transit commutes into a “ thoughtful journey “”. -Gold Flake Paint

“Lay back and get ready for the sonic trip of a lifetime.  Former frontman for the PA-based band Swiss Alps, Devan Kochersperger single-handedly wrote, produced, and recorded Mnemonics. This is the music you should listen to while riding on the subway or bus to your boring job at the bank or the call center or where ever you work.  “Though the Skylight” is beautifully, synthesized-drenched, music that hides some disturbing melodies within its beauty.  It is no surprise that the video has clips from “James and the Giant Peach”. since Grave Pool’s music comes off as the musical side point to Roald Koal great children stories, with the combination of whimsy and danger.  Wonderful, beautiful music, Grave Pool is an extremely innovative and creative artist.  Welcome, my friend.” -Audio Fuzz

“We first came across Nashville dreampop artist Grave Pool almost a year ago, when he released the debut mini EP, ‘Dinosaur Hell’ – see .
At that time there was virtually nothing else to go on as to whether Grave Pool was a solo project or an outfit in the plural. We now know that the man behind the guise is Devan Kochersperger, former frontman with Swiss Alps, and he has now just released the first single from his latest ‘Mnemonics’ EP, which came out in February.
The dreampop delight, ‘Through the Skylight’, opens with zinging synth, before piano and drums come in, melded with layers of shimmering guitar and a wash of woozy vocals – that render the lyrics practically indecipherable – although they apparently revolve around “various fortune telling methods employed to predict future relationship mishaps in order to prevent them from happening.” -Little Indie

“Another fine dream popper makes its way to my top play list. Definitely liking the positive yet ambient like vibe that this one is giving me throughout. Reminds me of the year 86 when I was ever so Head on the Doorish. This has a bit of sparkle to it that just grabs you and takes you away. I admit it has some similarities to Beach Fossils courtesy of guitar scale abundance, but there is so much original vision to be discovered here that you will be glad you indulged.” – I vacation In Your Hell

“You want to grab my attention? Here’s a fool proof way. Give me a video with whirling synths and Lost Boys footage. I’ll be yours forever. Nashville based dream-pop project Grave Pool has done just that and released their sophomore LP Mnemonics via Chicago-based imprint, 80s Ladies Records. Grave Pool’s music calls to mind the days when women’s bathing suits were high waisted and Fast Times at Ridgemont High was the dream. Devan Kochersperger, the former frontman of Swiss Alps single-handedly wrote, produced and recorded all songs on the new LP. The name “Grave Pool” was inspired by the dangerous attraction at New Jersey’s Action Park; which is just a fantastic nod to history. I love the vibe that Devan is cultivating here. Takes me back to a time and a place when all that mattered was getting the girl. I can’t wait to hear what’s next. Be on the lookout.” – The Most Definitely

“We recently told you about up and coming Nashville dream pop outfit Grave Pool , and the first single, “Neon Summers” , from their most recent effort Mnemonics which released in February.  As a follow up to the success of the danceable single, Grave Pool has since released a video for the track featuring footage from the 80’s cult classic The Lost Boys .  Check out the video below, and see why we think that Grave Pool is one local artist that you definitely need on your radar. – No Country For New Nashville