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Pastel Ghost is the dreamy darkwave project of Vivian Moon, one of Oakland’s finest upcoming producers. From performing shows and touring with Metal Mother, to collaborating with darkwave electro producers Mr. Kitty and Powwow, we are beyond thrilled to have her as part of our family. Look for her debut LP Abyss in early March.



“Pastel Ghost brings forth many dreamwave, and chillwave influences in her work. If you are looking for an excellent album to chill out to then you must put this on your list! The haunting vocals really beg the question; did the name ‘Pastel Ghost’ or the vocal style come first? The atmosphere of the echoing vocals really fills the space in which you are listening. One interesting experimental aspect to this album is the incorporation of chiptunes to such a dark atmosphere. Normally the chiptune genre would lean more towards a more pop style melody so this is a wonderful change of pace. We spoke to Pastel Ghost about it and she stated that:” – NeonVice “Fans still reeling from the dissolution of Crystal Castles need no longer spend their days crying into their hoodies, because ABYSS, the new record from Pastel Ghost is here to fill the synth-shaped hole in your heart. The album from the Oakland based artist is ten songs of propulsive, 8-bit-style sound effects and synth hooks gurgling beneath Vivian Moon’s heavily manipulated vocals. “The overall theme centers around loneliness and longing,” Moon says of the album she wrote, produced, and recorded in her bedroom.” – Bullet

Pastel Ghost is the musical project of rising producer and vocalist Vivian Moon. The Oakland based dark wave princess has become known for her pulsating electro-pop synths and dream washed vocals. The multitalented artist is fresh off the release of her new album ABYSS, a 10-track exploration into themes such as solidarity and isolation. The emotional underpinnings of Pastel Ghost’s sound are meshed with scintillating 90’s inspired electronic dance beats. The powerful synth progressions in ABYSS perfectly complement the spooky witch house themes evident throughout the course of the album. Dance heavy live shows mixed with a soft grunge inspired aesthetic, Pastel Ghost is a clear representation of everything cool within the electro-synth pop genre. In the midst of a northwest tour, I caught up with Pastel Ghost before her show at the Kame House in Bellingham Washington. – The Electronic Current

“The rise off Oakland’s Pastel Ghost, aka Vivian Moon. Arising from these post-industrial landscapes is the electro synth-pop goth-ish artist, Pastel Ghost, lorded by the Oakland artist, Vivian Moon. Establishing witch house sympathies through the electronic streaks of dark mascara on 2013’s Dark Beach EP ; the title track, “Silhouette”, and “Slow Gaze” proved to be not only some of the best electronic indie pop audio arts in the Bay, but perhaps the entire west coast. Flash forward a few years into the future, where the track “ Clouds ” brought upward rising vapor spirits that told of the formidable recent movements over the past decade that brought a bedroom production aesthetic to some of the main fronts of new radio wave interests, informing all big name artists who worked with beat and rhythm centered music”

– Impose Magazine